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Cosplay & Special FX Supplies
3rd Degree Light Silicone Kit
Product ID : FX_3RD-LT
Ben Nye Clown White
Product ID : FBP_CW
Available in 0.65oz, 1.75oz, and 3oz Sizes
Ben Nye Death Wheel
Product ID : WH_DW
Ben Nye Final Seal
Product ID : FS_FS
Available in 2oz spritzer, 8oz bottle and 16oz jug
Ben Nye Glitter Glue 1oz
Product ID : AD_BNGG-1
Ben Nye Glycerin
Product ID : FS_GL
Available in 2oz and 8oz sizes.
Ben Nye LiquiSet
Product ID : FS_LQS
Available in 2oz spritzer, 4oz bottle and 16oz jug
Ben Nye Master Bruise Wheel
Product ID : WH_MB
Ben Nye Monster Wheel
Product ID : WH_MW
Ben Nye Professional Creme Color Clown White Lite
Product ID : FBP_PCC-102
Available in 1oz Size
Ben Nye Tattoo Cover-All Wheel
Product ID : WH_SK-11