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Magical Masquerade
Brush Bath 4oz
Product ID : CL_BB
Brush Bath Set
Product ID : BA_KP_BB-SET
Brush Bath Spray Bottle 4oz
Product ID : CL_BB2
Paint Pal Big Drop Brush
Product ID : BR_PPB-BDRP
Paint Pal Variety Brush Set (6pc)
Product ID : BA_BR_PPB-6PC
ProFACE Nose Adhesive 1oz
Product ID : AD_N
Rainbow Cake Summer Sunrise
Rainbow Cake Tropical Paradise
Product ID : BA_MC_RC_TRPA
Shamrock Gems
Product ID : BA_GEM-SHAM1
Slice Arty Brush Cake
Wolfe FX Hydrocolor Makeup White (001)
Product ID : FBP_HC-WH
Available in 30gm, 45gm, and 90gm sizes
FAB Makeup Lemon Yellow
Product ID : FBP_FAB-144
Available in 16gm and 45gm sizes.
FAB Makeup Flash Green
Product ID : FBP_FAB-142
Available in 16gm and 45gm sizes.
FAB Makeup Ocean Shimmer
Product ID : FBP_FAB-129
Available in 16gm and 45gm sizes.
Mama Clown Glitter Purple Power
Product ID : BA_GL_MC-PP
Opaque: Excellent for Glitter Tattoos. Available in 1oz Jar or Poofer.
Amerikan Body Art Liquid Bling Brilliant Gold .5oz
Product ID : GLG_LB5-G
Available in 0.5oz and 2.0oz sizes.
FAB Makeup Gold Shimmer
Product ID : FBP_FAB-141
Available in 16gm and 45gm sizes.