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Sparkle and Shine
Mehron Mixing Liquid
Product ID : ACT_M129ML
Available in 4.5oz and 1 gallon sizes.
Paradise 1in Prisma Brush (842)
Product ID : BR_PAR-SQ1
Product is out of stock
Rainbow Cake Brilliant Bling
Product ID : BA_MC_RC_BRBL
Rainbow Cake Tango
Product ID : BA_MC_RC_TANG
Wolfe FX 12-Color Essentials Palette
Product ID : PAL_WFX-E-12C
Wolfe FX 6-Color Essentials Palette
Product ID : PAL_WFX-E-6C
Mama Clown Glitter White Glitter Dust
Product ID : BA_GL_MC-WFD
Iridescent: Ideal for Face Painting. Available in 1oz Jar or Poofer.
Mehron Celebre Precious Gem Powder Diamond
Product ID : PWD_203-DD
Available in .17oz size
Paradise Teal Sponge (821)
Product ID : SP_821
FAB Makeup Metallic Silver
Product ID : FBP_FAB-056
Available in 16gm and 45gm sizes.