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Magic of Glitter Powders
Camouflage #6 Brush
Product ID : BR_CAM-R6
Gold Grip #4 Round Brush (795)
Product ID : BR_GG-R4
Mama Clown Assorted Gems
Product ID : BA_GEM-MC1
Paint Pal Pink Smoothie Blender
Product ID : BR_PPB-SB
Hot Deal
$5.00 $4.50
Paradise 3/4in Prisma Brush (841)
Product ID : BR_PAR-SQ3_4
Rainbow Cake Sparkle Dust
Product ID : BA_MC_RC_SPDU
Starblend Powder Black
Product ID : FBP_SB-B
Available in a 2oz size
Mama Clown Glitter White Glitter Dust
Product ID : BA_GL_MC-WFD
Iridescent: Ideal for Face Painting. Available in 1oz Jar or Poofer.
Paradise Makeup AQ White
Product ID : FBP_AQ-W
Available in .25oz Refill and 40gm Dish sizes.
Starblend Powder White
Product ID : FBP_SB-W
Available in a 2oz size
Kryolan Blush Youth Red
Product ID : PWD_BLU-YR
Available in .15oz size
Starblend Powder Red
Product ID : FBP_SB-R
Available in a 2oz size
Starblend Powder Orange
Product ID : FBP_SB-O
Available in a 2oz size
Kryolan AquaColor Metallic Silver
Product ID : FBP_AC-MS
Available in .14oz Refill, 2.5oz, and 3.5oz sizes.
Amerikan Body Art Liquid Bling Brilliant Gold .5oz
Product ID : GLG_LB5-G
Available in 0.5oz and 2.0oz sizes.