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Gore Made Simple
Graftobian Liquid Latex Flesh 8oz
Product ID : LX_88564FL
Graftobian Modeling Wax 7oz
Product ID : WX_88582
Available in 7oz size
Product is out of stock
Mehron 3D Fleshtone Gel 2oz
Product ID : FX_3DFL-2
Product is out of stock
Mehron Spirit Gum 1oz
Product ID : AD_SG-118
Mehron Spirit Gum Remover 1oz
Product ID : RE_SPG-1
Hot Deal
Graftobian Magic Blood Powder
Product ID : BLD_88680
Hot Deal
$14.00 $13.00
Mehron 3D Blood Red Gel 0.5oz
Product ID : BLD_3D-GEL
The Mehron 3D Gel comes in a 0.5oz bottle.
Mehron Coagulated Blood 1oz
Product ID : BLD_151
Comes with a spatula for easy application.
Mehron Dark Squirt Blood 2oz
Product ID : BLD_M150D-2
Mehron Squirt Blood
Product ID : BLD_M150
Mehron squirt blood comes in a 0.5oz bottle.