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Advanced Festival Designs
Paint Pal Big Drop Brush
Product ID : BR_PPB-BDRP
Paint Pal Lux Petal Sponge- 6 Pack
Product ID : SP_SP-SFTRD
Hot Deal
$7.00 $6.00
Rainbow Cake Brilliant Bling
Product ID : BA_MC_RC_BRBL
FAB Makeup White Shimmer
Product ID : FBP_FAB-140
Available in 16gm and 45gm sizes.
TAG White Face Paint
Product ID : FBP_TAG-WH-32
Available in 32gm Size
Product is out of stock
TAG Neon Pink Face Paint
Product ID : FBP_TAG-NPK-32
Available in 32gm Size
TAG Pearl Wine Face Paint
Product ID : FBP_TAG-PWN-32
Available in 32gm Size
Mama Clown Glitter Gold Rainbow
Product ID : BA_GL_MC-GDRB
Opaque: Excellent for Glitter Tattoos. Available in 1oz Jar or Poofer.