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FEBRUARY 2017 Specials of the Month

The worlds best stencils just got better! New and Improved Pink Power stencils
NEW!! ON SALE! Pink Power Stencils were created by painters for painters. PP stencils are versatile because they can be used with a rainbow cake and a sponge or an airbrush.
NEW FACEfun KitsJust in time to spread the love

SAVE $5.00 This kit will paint over 300 Fun faces and has a 5-7 year shelf life if stored in a cool dry place
Don't get Bored get the BEST Boards on sale now! Save $2 (practice boards)

SAVE $2.00 The lightweight handle makes each brush a soft grip and allows for better control.
Color so good it will melt your heart!New Rainbow cakes by Margi Kanter and Cameron Garrett
NEW!!! Rainbow cakes revolutionized the face painting world by allowing painters to create multicolored faces with one swipe of their sponge.
Empty Palette SaleGive your kit a fresh start save $3

SAVE $3.00 Empty Palettes are the perfect solution to help you organize your paint collection and look professional at the same time.
End the Line with styleEnd of the line vests on sale now

This vest will be a wonderful addition to your face painting and balloon twisting gigs!