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JANUARY 2017 Specials of the Month

NEW Deluxe FACEfun on sale $79.99 original $89.99 Check out the new and improved FACEfun kit.
NEW $10.00 OFF The Deluxe FACEfun kit is the new and improved worlds best face painting kit ( formerly Fast faces Kits). The FACEfun kits were designed to help you create FAST, impressive, colorful face painting.
New Signature Paint Pal smoothieSave money on our new and improved Signature Smoothie Blenders

SAVE $1.00 This is a flat foam brush which is great to apply powders. Use them to cover large areas or eye areas
Swirl 3 pack on sale $9.99 original $12Make your kit Pretty in Pink with the Swirl 3 pack an save $3

SAVE$3.00 The lightweight handle makes each brush a soft grip and allows for better control.
FAB 12 color best seller PRO palette on sale $99We put together our 12 best sellers and made an awesome palette
NEW $99.00 Silly Farm proudly presents, FAB a professional face and body paint with exceptional color and seamless blending. FAB colors are available in several different palettes
Arty Cakes $1 offSave money on the most colorful part of your kit

SAVE $1.00 Arty cakes are the best tool to create snakes, rainbows, flowers, princess crowns or when you want to impress your audience
Henna glam White and black faux hennaGive your Henna a unique twist

SAVE $1.00
Amerikan Body Art creates a signature blend of pre mixed Henna that has a beautiful stain and a great smell.