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FAB, an acronym for face and body make up is the ultimate in quality face and body paint. The FAB line is brought to you by Silly Farm. FAB is vivid, bold, versatile paint that is not only superior for face painting, but impressive for body painting as well. The FAB line features smooth, creamy, easily blendable colors that include glitter paint, shimmer pigments and rich classic colors.

All You Need FAB Hybrid 6 Color Pack
Available in 2oz and 4oz sizes
Build Your Own FAB 12-Color Palette
Product ID : BYOP-FAB12
Build Your Own FAB 20-Color Palette
Product ID : BYOP-FAB20
Empty Pro Palette with FAB 12 Color Insert
Product ID : BA_CON_PP-FAB12C
Empty Pro Palette with FAB 20 Color Insert
Product ID : BA_CON_PP-FAB20C
FAB 12 Color Professional Palette
Product ID : BA_KP_FAB12-PRO
Includes our 12 best selling colors ( no subs)
FAB 20- Color Best Seller Pro Palette
Product ID : BA_KP_FAB20-PRO
Includes our 20 best selling colors ( no subs)
FAB 6-Color Animal Instincts Palette
Product ID : BA_KP_FAB-ANI6
FAB 6-Color Follow Your Heart Palette
Product ID : BA_KP_FAB-FYH6
FAB 6-Color Frozen Palette
Product ID : BA_KP_FAB-FRZ6
FAB 6-Color Ghoulish Palette
Product ID : BA_KP_FAB-GHO6
FAB 6-Color Happily Ever After Palette
Product ID : BA_KP_FAB-HEA6
FAB 6-Color Holly Jolly Palette
Product ID : BA_KP_FAB-HLYJ6
Hot Deal
FAB 6-Color Monster Mash Palette
Product ID : BA_KP_FAB-MON6
FAB 6-Color Primary Palette
Product ID : BA_KP_FAB-PRM6
FAB 6-Color Pumpkin Patch Palette
Product ID : BA_KP_FAB-PUM6
FAB 6-Color Shimmer Swirl Palette
Product ID : BA_KP_FAB-SS6
FAB 6-Color Soft Rainbow Palette
Product ID : BA_KP_FAB-SRB6
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