Gig Genie Black Apron



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The GigGenie is the perfect apron for carrying anything and everything on the job. They are made in the US. May this unique piece of apparel save you time and energy on your next gig!


Here are a few hints and suggestions on how you could get the most use of the pockets, loops and pouches but want to encourage you to use your creativity to make this tool uniquely yours.

  • The spongebags on the inside of the GigGenietm double as laundry bags. After your gig, you simply remove the sponge bags by pulling the Velcro strips apart, holding both sides of the Velcro strips itself.
  • Use the zippered removable pouch on the inside of the GigGenietm as a removable wallet for safe keeping of tips, during and after your gig.
  • Use the top clear plastic pocket on the inside of the GigGenietm for easy access on your phone, so you are up to date who’s calling you or to know the time with a quick glimpse.
  • There is another clear window pocket on the outside of the GigGenietm on your chest, for your customers to see. Carry your business card plus some spares there, or showcase any message you want to broadcast, like “FacePainter”, “Find a cure”, “I gladly accept tips” or “today’s service sponsored by……”
  • Hang anything you need at an arm’s length on the rings or flat loops. We suggest; Hand sanitizers, keys, ID cards and stencils, easy accessible on retractable cords to be kept safe yet hidden.
  • Hang your sun- or reading glasses from the flat elastic loops in the lower front. Put your bobby pins on the flat loops on the side of your chest, add over 10 brushes on your chest…..Find pockets for all the items you possibly need, there’s a loop, latch, pocket or ring for potentially everything.

Although you can wash your Gig Genie in your laundry machine, we do recommend doing this only when necessary.

Laundering in the machine shortens the life span of ANY apparel and weakens the elastic loops over time.

You may want to consider spot cleaning between gigs only, using a damp cloth that does not give off fuzz.

If you wash it in your laundry machine, remove all pockets with clear plastic windows (!) as they cannot be washed in the laundry machine! Then put the stripped apron in a laundry bag as the stubby part of the Velcro will interfere with other items in the machine (or wash separate at all), wash it cold only and lay it out flat to dry or if you are in a rush tumble dry low only occasionally. Do not bleach. Do not iron. Do not hang it to dry on the stretchable ties as they will lose elasticity.

 Should any of the individual assemblies go bad over time or you slip and ruin one of the clear Window pockets, there’s no need to replace a whole GigGenietm. You will be able to purchase any of the pouches, the tie or the spongebags individually.


The GigGenie is the perfect apron for carrying anything and everything on the job. They are made in the US. May this unique piece of apparel save you time and energy on your next gig!


Here are a few hints and suggestions on how you could get the most use of...



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