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November 2017 Specials of the Month

Face Fun Kits Blow Out!Get the best Face Painting Kit in the world. Holiday & Frozen Face Fun Kits
SAVE $5.00 he Silly Farm team designed the FACEfun kits to be practical, affordable, and to make face painting easy for ANYONE. Our rainbow cake/ stencil combination lets you create fast, easy, colorful face painting designs in no time.
Starblend SALE!Save $1 on Starblends

SAVE $1.00 Starblends blend smoothly on the skin and because they are applied dry, it makes it easy to paint directly on top of them.
Sequin Vest Blow Out!Save .50 on New marcela bustamante brushes

SAVE 50% Sequin Vests are a festive way to look professional while on the job.
Arty Cake Blow Out!save $1.00 on ALL arty cakes
SAVE $1.00 Arty cakes are the best tool to create snakes, rainbows, flowers, princess crowns or when you want to impress your audience.
NEW Bam and HAS holiday stencils available now! NEW holiday stencils

NEW! HAS stencils are a must have for any painters kit. HAS stencils are the mini version of BAM stencils. They are ideal for adding embellishments, textures, and 3D effects to any design.
Pixie Paint Set with Wand!includes Abracadabra, Blue Monday, Pretty in Pink, Lucky Star, and Xanadu

SAVE! $3.00
Pixie Paint is a blend of chunky and fine glitters along with our aloe glitter gel base.