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7 Must have Products for 4th of July and USA Face Painting

7 Must have Products for 4th of July and USA Face Painting

One of the best parts about being a face painter is we don't have to wait for a holiday to add color, fun and creativity to a party. When the Holidays do come around, its double the fun and its easier to go all out because we are built for it.

12 years ago, when we began making Rainbow cakes we knew Holidays cakes were at the top of the list. We designed Christmas Rainbow cakes, Valentines cakes, St Patrick's and couldn't forget 4th of July! Out of all the Holidays, Patriotic face painting is the most popular with all age ranges. Dad's love USA flag tattoos, moms love red, white and blue eye bling and kids can't get enough of the popular flag face.

4th of July face painting Kit

FaceFUN 4th of July Kit

When we launched the FaceFUN kits, we put together an awesome 4th of July Kit that includes a Patriotic rainbow cake, stencils, a brush, glitter and a sponge. Fast fun, a festive face painting has never been so easy! So if you are looking for a kit to face paint at a school, a 4th of July party, or just want to practice your 4th of July options this is a great kit for you!

Rainbow and Arty cakes for face 4th of july face painting

Rainbow and Arty Cake Collection

4th of July Rainbow and Arty Cakes make red, white and shades of blue face painting awesome and easy! Whether you are painting quick eye sparks or a USA flag bandana using a cake is the way to go. With one swipe of your brush or sponge, you can create full face designs in no time. Cakes also take the mess and fuss away from laying down primary colors next to each other. Before the invention of Rainbow and arty cakes, when creating red, white and blue designs, you would paint each color individually and run the risk of blue and red bleeding and your design turning a nice shade of purple brown. Rainbow and Artys take away that work, and give you more time to get creative with your line work and glitter obsession.

PINK Power!

Every face painter has that one design they hate to draw. For us, there were several designs like Mermaids, Flags and Eagles... and from that frustration, we designed Pink Power stencils. Pink Power stencils are made of mylar ( plastic) and can be used hundreds of times. Each design is sized perfectly for the cheek and arms. Pink Power stencils can also be used with your airbrush, making them one of the most useful tools in your kit. Each year we launch new designs, and we couldn't resist adding a 4th of July collection including a Heart Flag, Fireworks and Eagle.


Glitter is like fireworks for your face! Nothing shines bright quite like the bling from Pixie paint and Face Painting glitters. By popular demand, Amerikan Body Art created a special 4th of July Pixie Paint blend and it changed the holiday for us. Most 4th of July public events are packed and lines are longer than at Disney. Having a red, white and blue mix Pixie Paint makes BLING eyes fast, easy and festive. Bling eyes are also a great design choice to offer mothers to match their children in the 4th of July fun! In addition to Pixie Paint special blend, there are also individual red, white and Blue pixie and

festival glitters and let's not forget the world Famous Mama Clown Glitter. Mama Clown's glitter is a cosmetic glitter that can be used on any design to add that extra special sparkle.

Make them say OOH!

4th of july star stencils

Pink Power stencils are your short cut to painting cheek art in a jiffy, where NEW Ooh stencils are your short cut to adding AWESOME accents to every type of designs. The unique shape of the Ooh stencils allows you to move them all over the face and body to add the OOH AHH factor. When , we first received the OOh samples we were thinking OK cool another fun stencil. But it wasn't until we started to use them that we fell in love. They are super easy to use, the designs are well thought out and sized to make them the perfect icing on the cake for every type of design. Our personal favorites are the stars because they embellish all sorts of designs and transform every design into a Patriotic masterpiece.

Tattoos with BLING appeal

glitter tattoos for 4th of july

Summer is usually HOT HOT HOT and can be a pain for face painters. The great news is that Glitter tattoos are a sparkling alternative to face painting. Not only are they fast, they are waterproof, sweat proof and we have a wide selection of 4th of July stencils. Glitter Tattoos are also a GREAT way to upsell your events or add a fun service to your booth. They are easy enough to train an assistant to do, and they are impressive because they can last 3-5 days.

4th of July Design Board

Nothing sells your services like a picture. If you spent money investing in 4th of July supplies, you will want to show off your magic. We created a FREE printable design card you can download here.

We suggest creating design cards for each Holiday to help you show your clients, that you are always ready to celebrate. We enjoy displaying our design boards in a table stand. Not only does it protect your design board, it looks professional and makes it harder to disappear. You are welcome to use our design board pdf, or we can help you create your own using canva. Remember, the more effort you put into your presentation and your craft, the bigger the return on your investment. Its ALWAYS A good idea to show off your skills.

Now that you have the scoop on the latest and greatest 4th of July products, many made in the USA and designed to help you spark lots of JOY at your 4th of July events.

If you are in search of some awesome patriotic designs, you can always visit our patriotic classes on FABAtv. com

Or visit a blog post we made last year with an entire gallery of so many amazing designs from around the globe.

As always we LOVE hearing from you. Connect with us on Social media, chat with us on , call us ANYTIME 954-472-5000 or if you are local in the South Florida area stop by.

Happy Painting Friends!