Silly Farm is a company by painters for painters. Silly Farm began in the kitchen of a clown by the name of Marcela "Mama Clown" in the early 90's. As she traveled and taught clowning she saw a need for quality face paints and started selling paint and creating face painting kits. Before she knew it, Marcela was the Queen of face painting and supplies and the doors of Silly Farm were open for business. At the young age of 14 Marcela hired her niece Heather to help at clown conventions and taught her how to face paint.

In 2004, upon completing her college degree Marcela sold Silly Farm to her enthusiastic niece Heather and a new era of Silly Farm was born. Today, Silly Farm proudly employs 27 talented artists and staff. Our goal is to provide superior service, abundant selection, and for each customer to feel like they are shopping with friends. You can trust that all of the products sold at Silly Farm are handpicked and painter approved.

The Silly Farm staff is available Mon- Fri 9 am- 6pm EST to help you with orders, give you advice about products, and answer any questions you may. Our motto is simple, we are a family business and you are family! If you are ever visiting the South Florida area we encourage you to come by and visit us. We love meeting farmers, and we would love the opportunity to give you a Silly Farm/ FABAtv tour.

Thank you for your continued support over the past two decades! Don't forget to check out our other companies; for unlimited face and body art education; for our annual convention and tradeshow; our booking agency. We encourage you to follow us on social media. We love sharing your artwork and talent. Tag us in your pictures so we can keep in touch and show you off! Happy painting friends.


Meet the Silly Farmers

Heather Green

Cheif Executive Farmer & President, CEO of FABAtv, FABAIC Co-Producer

Claudia Banks

CFO of Silly Farm and FABAtv

Max Barbieri

Webmaster, Creative Engineer, Chief Graphic Designer, Silly Farm, FABAtv, FABAIC Work Horse

Marcela Murad

Queen of The Throne, Creative Director, FABAIC Co-Producer

Ashely Buchannan

Customer Relations Specialist, Out of Stock Manager, Product Specialist

Vivi Larenas

Wharehouse Manager, Inventory Specialist, Queen of Solutions

Michelle Zymet

Customer Relations Specialist, Showroom Manager, FABAIC Registration Manager

Lisa Hernandez

Education Director, Wholesale Account Specialist, Friendly Farmer customer service assistant

Kendra Hansard

Purchasing Manager, Returns Manager, Office Baker, Product Specialist

Sandra Kralik

Customer Relations Specialist, Out of Stock Manager, Product Specialist

Luz Dary Fonseca

Chief Paint Engineer, Rainbow Cake Specialist, Paint Manufacturing Manager

Carmen Nieves

Financial Farmer, Accounts Payable

Maria Soto

Package & Quality Control Specialist

Fedora Sanchez

Arty Brush & Rainbow Cake Department

Diana Monroy

Shipping Specialist, Master FX Arist, Quality Control Department

Emily Banks

Chief Technology Officer

Maureen Rash

Subscription Manager

Cristi Gomez

Subscription Manager

Kati Sosa

Arty Brush & Rainbow Cake Department

Vanessa Lopez

FABAtv Director, Makeup Artist Extraordinare, Paint Professional

John Place

Zombie Product Specialist, FABAtv Video Producer