5 Must Have Products for Face Painters this Valentines' Day

Face Painters don’t celebrate Valentine's Day the way Hallmark would like us to. Instead we find a way to use every shade of pink in our kits, and embellish every design with hearts and flowers. Valentines also marks the beginning of festival season. A season face painters look forward to because business picks up and work becomes more steady. Face Painters thrive off of creativity, happiness, and fun, and what is more fun than painting love filled designs?

Every year, new products are released in the market that make a face painters life easier and harder at the same time. Easier because a fun stencil or new brush helps us paint better and impress our clients more. Harder because, sometimes our budgets wont let us be great. The great news is this blog features

5 must have products for Valentine's Painting that will add more love to your art and won’t break the bank

1) Ooh Heart and Pink Power Stencils

Ooh! Body Art Stencils are the latest and greatest stencils on the market. The unique round design and symmetrical designs make them sooooo amazing.
You can use them all over the face at any angle and they can be used to embellish airbrush tattoos too. The Ooh! stencil line has several heart designs to choose from. The Heart flips are jam packed with love and can transform any design into a lovable one.

11 years ago we created the Pink Power Stencil line to make fabulous fast face painting possible. The Pink Power Stencil line features a bunch of heart stencils, lips, and heart wings to make any themed design possible in under a minute.

2) Valentine Rainbow Cakes:

Walk into any grocery store, drug store, or mall and you will be greeted with shades of pink, red roses, and hearts of all sizes and shapes. Silly Farm has an entire rainbow cake collection to match. Our Valentine Rainbow Cake collection features Red, Pinks and gold packed into beautiful cakes that help you create magical butterflies, romantic masks, and red, white and everything nice.

3) Valentine FaceFun Kit:

Because Valentines usually kicks off school carnival, church events and opens the doors for the Purim season, that also means the requests for free face painting come flooding in too. We designed the FaceFun kits to make fast face painting fun, fast and easy. The Valentine kit includes a rainbow cake, valentines themed stencils, glitter, sponge and brush. It's a perfect kit to donate to your child’s class, the perfect kit to use for fundraisers, to let volunteers use to paint along side you, or a great kit for a fun Valentine themed party. It’s a Valentines party in a box!


Diamonds are a girls best friend and bling makes everything better! Every design looks better with a touch of bling. Our Jumbo bling packs are the perfect touch to embellish any design on a budget. The red bling pack has pearls and red crystals that make the perfect centerpiece with maximum sparkle power.

5) Pixie Paint with Glitter on top!

Pixie Paint came onto the scene a few years ago and changed the glitter game. A chunky glitter inside of a gel that makes the skin sparkle for hours. Nothing says love like GLITTER! Pixie Paint took eye candy to a new level, by adding a little glitter by the eyes and around the cheeks you could create a fabulous design. Pixie Paint is the perfect accent to any design and take a regular design from nice to WOW!

And if Pixie Paint wasn’t enough, this month Glitter Cremes were launched. Glitter Cremes are a glitter loves dream come true. Glitter cremes are a soft fine glitter creme that can be used all over the skin and especially fabulous to use as glitter eyeshadow. Glitter cremes are the perfect product to use to make your eyes sparkle on your hot valentines date or to add that extra touch of sparkle love to any design.

I hope this blog helps you get your kit together to add some love to all your art this Valentine's Day. We encourage you to share your valentines design with us, hashtag us #sillyfarm #paintpal so we can share your art and we can show you off!

Happy Painting Friends!