Five Face Paint Palettes You Need for Your Kit

Are you looking for a new hobby or creative outlet? Face painting is an excellent way to unleash your inner artist that provides fun for the whole family.  This beginner friendly hobby is easy to get started. With the right face paint tips and tricks and the supplies to make it all happen, you can get started with face paint today!

With an array of face paint colors that ship directly to you, you can create face paint masterpieces without having to hire a professional or leaving your door. Let your imagination and creativity run wild with the face paint colors to help you get started, like these five examples of our favorite face paint palettes:

  1. Classic Silly Face Fun Kit
  2. FAB 12 Color Professional Palette
  3. Build Your Own Arty Brush and Rainbow Cake Palette
  4. FAB 6 Color Liner Palette
  5. TAG 6 Color Neon Palette

If you’re looking to bulk up your face paint color kit, keep reading to learn more about why these five face paint palettes made our list of favorites.


Classic Silly Face Fun Kit

The Classic Silly Face fun kit by Silly Farm is the perfect beginner kit for any artist, as well as anyone looking for a convenient multipurpose paint set. These FAB water-based face paints apply with a smooth and creamy consistency that is quick drying. The kit includes 10 skin-safe face paints as well as 1 face paint brush, 1 cosmetic grade glitter, and 1 high-density sponge. It even includes a face paint tutorial book with popular designs to get started. For more face paint inspiration visit our YouTube channel


FAB 12 Color Professional Palette

For the face painter looking to do more volume, the FAB 12 Color Professional Palette will meet all of your face painting needs, and then some! The twelve pigmented face paint colors in this palette are activated with water, go on evenly, and dry quickly. The professional face painting palette includes 12 of the most popular FAB Face Paint Colors:

  • 161 White
  • 163 Black
  • 035 Red
  • 046 Tiger
  • 142 Flash Green
  • 241 Emerald Green
  • 066 Glitter Gold
  • 044 Bright Yellow
  • 101 Fuchsia
  • 237 Lalaland Purple
  • 215 Minty Blue
  • 043 Bright Blue

Made for professionals, these FAB face paints can withstand heat, sweating, and smudging and have an excellent color payoff. You can create so many looks from these staple face paint colors, and they are great for use in body paint too!


Build Your Own Rainbow and Arty Brush Cake Palette

The Build Your Own Arty/ Rainbow palette gives you the freedom to design the palette of your dreams. Choose any 8 Rainbow cakes and 4 Arty Brush Cakes to complete your palette. Come in a sleek laptop-like folding case for easy transportation. Easily mix up or refill your kit by ordering individual rainbow and arty cakes when you need them!

The unique color combinations available in the Arty and Rainbow Cake Palette give artists even more options for their works. From multi-colored brush strokes to creating easy line work, split cakes are ideal for space-constrained kits or traveling artists. This face paint palette’s rectangle container makes it super easy to load up your brush or sponge and start painting.


FAB 6 Color Liner Palette

This essential face paint palette has 6 of the best colors to use for outlining your face painting designs. The FAB line of face paint is easy to use because of its creamy consistency, and easy to remove with soap and water. The 6 bold colors go well with any designs and work best as an outline to really make the whole thing pop! The palette includes the following 6 colors conveniently stored in a sleek carrying case with a clear lid for safe keeping and easy access.

  • Berry Wine 227
  • Plum 127
  • Emerald Green 241
  • Purple Rain 238
  • Petrol Blue 173
  • Ink Blue 243

To use the FAB water-based face paint palettes for body art, work up the paint product with a damp sponge until you achieve the desired product. The face paint colors can be applied with a sponge or brush right from the palette. In thirty seconds, the paint should be dry to the touch, but you can add a fixative or setting spray to ensure a longer-lasting finish.


TAG 6 Color Neon Palette

Unlike the previous palettes, the TAG Neon Palette is comprised of 6 day glow wax-based paints with a thicker, firmer consistency. Wax-based face paint colors provide vibrant color payoff, excellent coverage, and are easily removable soap and water. This face paint palette includes 6 neon colors that are blacklight and UV light reactive, making them even more fun for glow-in-the-dark bowling, concerts, or any evening activities.

These highly pigmented water-based face paint colors are easy to apply and even easier to wash off. You can achieve complete and opaque coverage in your body paint without cracking or fading on the skin with a seamless blend. 


Mastering Face Paint

You don't need to be a master artist or an artist at all to successfully paint with any of your face paint kits! You only need some paints and your imagination. If you want the whole kit and kaboodle, we recommend adding these face paint supplies to your kit: 

Our goal is to make face painting fun, and with easy-to-use products complete in face paint palettes and kits, we can optimize your kit so you can focus on expressing your creativity. With the right products and learning tools, like our Youtube tutorials, you can become a face painting expert in no time.

From face painting, airbrushing, body painting, and more on face paint palettes, visit us online and check out the endless face paint supplies by Silly Farm.