Why You Should Add Face Paint to Your Easter Activities

Are you sitting in the house looking for new ways to keep your kids entertained indoors? Hop into spring with a new creative activity your kids are sure to love this Easter. Face paint and body paint come with so many endless creation possibilities, even for the Easter holiday!

Face paint is such a versatile activity for themed occasions like Easter or just for fun. It doesn’t require skill or experience either. You can use face paint stencils and all of the other face painting tools you need to get started.


What’s the Buzz About Face Paint?

Face paint is an easy way for kids to exercise their creative muscles. It helps to field their imagination and take traditional art practice from the canvas to the face or body. Face painting is a form of sensory play that also helps children improve their coordination and motor skills when using brushes. Face paint can make learning colors and shapes extra fun, too! Aside from the developmental benefits, it’s an amusing activity for everyone.


Easter-Themed Face Painting

The Easter tradition of dyeing and hunting for treat-filled eggs will never get old, but there are always new ways to keep kids entertained this spring holiday season. Face paint and body paint are great tools to entertain kids and allow them to practice their creativity.

Whether you’re using face paint stencils or free-handing designs, there are so many possibilities of colors, themes, and designs to create custom Easter face painting looks your kids will adore.

Check out these Easter and spring-themed face paint ideas:

These Easter creations only scratch the surface of what kind of designs you can dream up.  With face paint, you can opt for colorful looks or add some pizzazz with glitter, neon and UV colors, and face stickers

Our face paints are non-toxic and easy to wash off, so if you have an aspiring little artist in your life, consider adding a kit to their Easter basket.


Transform with Body Paint

Face paint is an excellent introduction to the realm of body painting. This creative activity can take a simple idea and transform it into a real character by utilizing the entire body as a larger canvas. If you're looki­­ng to make a statement this Easter, consider adding body paint to your face paint kit.

Whether you’re becoming the canvas or painting the masterpiece as an artist, body paint is fun for the whole family. This Easter, you can transform yourself or your kids into their favorite Easter characters. The Easter bunny, a spring chicken, and a human Easter egg are just a few Easter-themed characters you can create using body paint.

Airbrush paint systems are an excellent way to paint large areas quickly and effectively. No matter what type of paint you choose, you can let your creativity soar and dream up all kinds of designs for body paint. You can also give your looks more dimension with products like glitter, temporary tattoos, and face and body stickers. Explore these body and face paint stencils to add more detail and texture to your designs.


Getting Started with Face Painting

With so many products, this activity can start to seem overwhelming. Let us help simplify the face paint process by getting started with the essential supplies for face painting. When it comes to kits, you can customize your own or purchase a Silly Fun Face Kit.

To start building your face paint kit, we recommend purchasing a base of paints in essential colors; you do not need a lot to begin. Next, add face painting tools like paintbrushes and sponges. As you work with different tools, you'll find which work best for different techniques and applications. Don't forget to add a  brush cleaner to your kit and maintain good face paint hygiene practices.

Once you have the right supplies, you'll be ready to start face painting. For how-to videos, check out our YouTube tutorials by Silly Heather. These free tutorials will help you learn all of the tips and tricks to make face painting easier.


Face Paint Stencils

With any new hobby, practice makes perfect, and the same is valid for face and body paint. If you're not quite comfortable free handing designs or want to have something tried and true for your painted creations, face paint stencils are a must-have for your kit.

While you're perfecting your craft, don’t be afraid to lean into using face paint stencils as a helpful tool. If drawing isn’t your strong suit, these tools are a fool-proof way to create consistent designs at a fast pace.

Adding in face paint stencils can be a big help when creating paint designs, especially for beginners. If you're starting your first face painting adventure this Easter, you'll want to check out this Easter Pink Power Stencil Set or Easter Silly Face Fun Rainbow Kit.

If you’re hosting a handful of kids these Easter, face paint stencils are a great fallback to make sure everyone gets the holiday artwork they want.


Easter Face Painting Games

The face and body paint fun doesn't have to end once everyone's faces are decorated. Turn face painting into a group game! There are many ways to turn face painting into fun for the whole family. Here are a few Ideas for Easter-themed face painting games that everyone in your celebration will enjoy: 

  • Matching designs - match the face paint to the easter egg design
  • Easter paint face-off - parents and kids pair off to compete against each other for best Easter-themed design
  • Guess the character - play a guessing game of which character Is being drawn on your face while it's painted
  • DIY Stencil - have kids create designs to be used as airbrush face paint stencils

You can ask kids to be extra creative when face painting and have them come up with the games, too!


Endless Face Paint Fun for Any Occasion

Whether you're looking to have a family-fun at home or spice up a kids’ event, face paint is an excellent activity for any occasion. Once you have the necessary supplies and a technique that works for you, the only thing you’ll need is cleaned and prepped faces.

Save on the cost of costumes and other entertaining kids activities and utilize your face paint kit for these occasions: