Basic Supplies for Face Painting

Basic Supplies for Face Painting

Whether you’re preparing for a kid’s birthday party or shopping for supplies for your company’s Halloween party, it’s essential to be ready with everything you’ll need to create fantastic face painting designs. Unfortunately, the palettes and paints that you typically see on the shelves just don’t cut it. Thankfully, Silly Farm has all of your basic (and more advanced!) face and body paint supplies. Check out our list of essentials below and start creating works of art today!

Color Palettes

Face Painting Kits and Palettes

If you’re looking for something that gives you the best overall face paint color options, but you don’t want to purchase individual colors, a palette is a great choice. Palettes provide a variety of colors in different shades in a single tray to make storage and travel easy. One of our favorite must-have color palettes is the FAB 6-Color Primary Palette face paint. This palette features six 11g paints in black, green, blue, yellow, red, and white. FAB paints are high quality yet affordable and won’t smear, crack, or itch. You can use this palette, as well as others in the FAB collection, as face paint or body paint for additional flexibility!


Mama Clown Cosmetic Face Paint Glitter

Glitter is a great way to draw attention to your face and body paint designs. When it comes to versatility, we love the Mama Clown glitter. This glitter comes in two varieties: transparent and opaque. Transparent glitter is excellent for adding a bit of shimmer onto existing designs without covering your artistic work. The opaque style glitter is a perfect choice for glitter tattoos or adding a glittery finish to a piece of body art.

Face Paint Sponges

Sponges for Face and Body Painting

It’s essential to have the correct tools for applying your face and body paint. When it comes to face paint, we like the Paint Pal Lux Petal Sponges. These sponges are sturdy foam and provide excellent control for details and corners. For covering larger areas, we recommend using a larger sponge, such as the Fantasy Sponge by Body FX.

Face Paint Brushes

Face Painting Brushes

In addition to a good sponge, it’s also critical to have a selection of brushes to use when applying face paint. Brushes make it easier to create more intricate designs such as lines, dots, and swirls. If you are trying to create body paint designs, we also recommend a larger brush like this one.

Face Paint Stencils

Face Painting Stencils

If you’re shopping for face or body paint for an event, it’s essential to think about the designs that you’ll be creating. One of the easiest ways to create quick and easy face paint designs is to use a stencil. Rather than painting designs by hand, using a stencil can help create an outline or even a full design depending on the style. Stencils save time as well as frustration because they are faster and easier than freehand designs. Some stencils are larger and can be used for body paint projects as well.

Regardless of the size of your project or your experience level, you’ll find high-quality, affordable face and body paint supplies at Silly Farm Supplies. For inspiration, check out our YouTube and Pinterest pages and start creating your masterpieces today!