All About Airbrush Face Paint: Tattoo Templates and Stencils

Have you ever wanted to make a fun or unique design that looks like a tattoo but isn't permanent? Welcome to the world of face paints - where you can turn into your favorite character, pick a costume of your choice, and even create temporary tattoos. Using airbrush tattoo stencils, you can quickly achieve a detailed and precise look without stress.

Before you get started with airbrush tattoo stencils, keep reading to learn about the airbrush machines that will help you apply face paint flawlessly and fast.


Airbrush Machines: Should I Get One?

Airbrush machines are well worth the investment when you're a professional face painter. However, they can be an expensive purchase for the hobbyist face painter. Are you considering buying an airbrush system for face painting but are unsure if it's the right fit for you? Consider the frequency of face paint application and the intricacy of your clients' designs.


What’s Included in an Airbrush System and Kit?

If an airbrush face painting technique is something that you prefer over traditional face painting with brushes and sponges, we can help you learn what to expect from airbrush systems before making this big purchase. Our kits are packaged with various paints and sometimes even helpful tools, so you can arm yourself with the necessary equipment to get started.

A typical airbrush system kit will include the following:

First, the airbrush paint compressor works to compress the air. Next, the system will mix the compressed air with a small amount of specialized airbrush face paint that travels through the airbrush hose and the airbrush application gun. This process allows for a lightweight, seamless application once the face paint is dispensed from the airbrush gun.

The airbrush face paints come with cap sets that allow for easy dropping into the airbrush gun. These caps help to keep the paint fresh by limiting its exposure to the air. Airbrush bottle caps also help mitigate spills that can waste the airbrush face paint and create a mess.

At Silly Farm, our high-quality airbrush systems and kits are hand-picked with avid face painters in mind. So whether you're looking for essential supplies for face painting or quality airbrush systems and compressors, our one-stop face paint supply shop has everything you could ever need.


Airbrush Stencils

Whether you’re going for a tattoo look or a detailed design, airbrush stencils can help you quickly achieve various shapes. Our airbrush stencil kits contain both positive and negative stencil design shapes used to create a genuinely unique design with the freedom to choose the colors you prefer.

You can mix and match different airbrush stencils to create a genuinely unique airbrush design for further customization. Our stencils are excellent for body paint application as well as larger areas on the face, such as the cheeks and forehead. In comparison, our Pink Power Stencils are excellent for smaller areas like near the eyes and temples.

Airbrush stencils are made for your airbrush machines, but most stencils are also compatible for use with a brush or sponge. In addition, you can easily sanitize and clean the stencils after use for a tool that will last a long time in your face painting kit.


How to Use Airbrush Stencils

Face paint applications should be fun and easy, and the same is true for airbrush face paint applications. Airbrush stencils and airbrush tattoo templates are an excellent hack for every face painter and a must-have for your face painting kit. Keep reading to learn the proper application for airbrush stencils.

Before you apply any face paint, even airbrush paints, start with a clean and prepped face. A clean surface not only ensures you are keeping your supplies hygienic, but also sets the stage for an even airbrush application.

When it’s time to use the airbrush stencil, place the stencil in the desired location and position, ensuring that the stencil is flush against the skin with no gaps. With firm pressure, hold the stencil in place while applying airbrush face paint with your airbrush gun. Be cautious not to spray over any lifted edges and make sure the area is well-covered with the desired opacity.

If you are layering airbrush stencils, make sure to wait a few minutes for the first layer of airbrush paint to dry thoroughly. Once all of your airbrush stencils are applied, you can go in with a small brush to add any detail or add glitter and jewels for extra shine. 

To learn more about airbrush tattoo stencil applications and other face painting tutorials, check out our YouTube page full of how-to’s, face painting tips and tricks, and more. 


If you’re still unsure if airbrush face paint is right for you, check out our top three reasons why you should try airbrush painting.