Hygiene for Face Painters & Make-Up artists

Hygiene for Face Painters & Make-up artists
written by Dunja of the Facepaintshop.eu

Whether you practice these professions as a hobby, personally or professionally good hygiene is very important. For yourself but also for others.

In this Blog we advise on hygiene and maintenance of your products and understand the importance of this hygiene.

Clean regularly

washing hands

* Hands

Wash your hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds before working. If it is not possible to wash your hands in the meantime use Handy Sani or hand gel sanitizer with at least 64% alcohol in-between each customer.

Make sure you touch your own face as little as possible, sneeze or cough in a handkerchief and immediately throw it away in a waste bag, use the hand gel before continuing your work. The CDC advises the best way to prevent sickness is to keep your hands as clean as possible.

face painting sponges

*sponges and towels

Immediately wash them as warm as possible, with a small splash of dettol med. (chloorxylenol 48mg/g) or Brush Bath, active against viruses and bacteria.

Use a sponge on one person only and do not go back and forth into your paints. Apply enough make-up to the sponge so you do not have to put the sponge back into the make-up again after toughing the person’s skin.

Instead you can choose a liquid make-up and apply a bit in a mixing palette. Or apply a small amount of make-up in a palette and activate it with water.

clean face painting brushes


Maintenance and hygiene is very important because brushes come in contact with your client, but also keep them well and to keep the bristles in good condition.

Do not clean them with alcohol as this will dry out the brush hair.

After use, wash the brushes with warm water and shampoo or use Brush Bath to wash out the paint.

Then make a small bowl with warm water with a drop of Brush Bath, dip the brush into it and let it dry flat on a clean paper tissue.

Before use and during use add a drop of (1/20) dettol med. chlooxylenol to the water for your brushes and your spray bottle. You can add some Brush Bath to add for the maintenance of your bristles and a better use of your one stroke painting.

*Glitters, lipsticks, mascara’s,….


Use a disposable applicator or cotton swab for all your liquids. Use it only once, do not return from the customer to the product or use a palette to put the product in and clean that after every customer.

Discard the applicator after use per customer.

*Facepaints (dry)

Always leave the make-up in the original package , do not mix make up brands.

Allow the face paints to air dry in a hygienic environment, keep a lid on your paints and store them in a cool dry place.

*Working environment

Keep everything clean, use clean products.

Bring extra products, waste bags, tissues, cotton swabs, clean water bowls, clean water, hand gel 64%+, mixing palettes, disposable applicators ,…


The government and the RIVM advises you to wear gloves during physical contact to protect yourself with a face mask and protection glasses, use them properly and in accordance with RIVM regulations.

Keep other people 1,5 meters away from yourself and your materials.


Keep products in their original packaging, do not repot. This way the manufacturer remains responsible and it is clear which ingredients are included.

Make sure you are in good health and also ask your customers if they have been in contact with someone who has been ill in the last 14 days.

Most of all keep having fun and enjoy your creativity

Stay Happy & Healthy and take care