Five Stencils You’ll Love

5 Face Painting Stencils you will love

When it comes to face paint supplies, stencils are one of the best investments you can make (aside from excellent paint, obviously!). Face paint stencils make creating high-quality designs faster and easier than ever. Here are five face paint stencils you’ll love — and a few other face paint supplies we can’t get enough of!

Sports Face Paint Stencils

Basketball Face Paint Airbrush Stencil Some of our favorite face paint supplies are the stencils that allow you to create fun designs quickly and efficiently. Pink Power stencils are some of our favorites, especially this basketball and football helmet. These face paint stencils are great for sporting events when you need to paint many looks quickly. Apply the stencil, cover with a layer of airbrush paint or use a brush, and voilà! Add a number below the stenciled design to showcase your support for an individual player, and you’re good to go!

Mermaid Face Paint Supplies

Mermaid scales face paint airbrush stencilMermaids are all the rage lately, but can you imagine creating those scales one by one? Instead of spending hours on one design, take advantage of the variety of face paint supplies available! This fish scales stencil pairs perfectly with Silly Farm’s Mermaid Shimmer FAB paint, Mermaid Festival Glitter, and the Mermaid Pixie Rainbow Cake paint. The fish scales stencil is one of the more versatile face paint supplies in that it can be used with a sponge as a face paint stencil or with an airbrush for body paint.

Cheetah Print Face Paint Stencils

Cheetah print face paint airbrush stencilWho doesn’t love a good animal print stencil? Ooh Body Art creates amazing face paint stencils, and this cheetah print stencil is one of our favorites. The best thing about this cheetah stencil is that it’s fantastic for Halloween costumes, Fall festivals, birthday parties, and more. Pair this stencil with black and tan face paint for a look everyone will love!

Dinosaur Face Paint Supplies

Dinosaur face paint airbrush stencilWhat’s not to love about dinosaurs? This Diva Demi Dino Stencil is a super fun way to add some punch to your face paint supplies. Whether you use this stencil alone or with the SOBA Profile Dino Land Stencil, it’s a great way to add versatility to your collection of face paint stencils.

Star Face Paint Stencils

Stars Face Paint StencilStars are a great way to add a bit of sparkle to your designs. Whether you’re adding them to your face or your body, stars are essential face paint stencils. If you’re applying stars to your designs, we recommend picking up a few other face painting supplies. Some of our favorite face painting supplies for stars are sponges, like these Silly Farm Pink Sponge 10-Pack, a sparkly paint like this Glitter Gold FAB Paint, and a bit more glitter, like the Shiny Gold Mermaid Magic Eco-Friendly Glitterpro Loose Glitter!

Whether you’re a professional artist or you’ve never painted a face before in your life, Silly Farm Supplies has everything you need to bring your creations to life. These stencils are some of our favorites, but they’re not even close to being a full representation of the fantastic collection of face paint stencils that Silly Farm has to offer. Find your favorite stencils and other face paint supplies here!