Everything You Need to Know About Airbrush Face Painting

Everything you need to know about airbrush face painting

Airbrush face painting is a quick and easy way to create beautiful works of art on the face and body. Whether you’re a beginner shopping for your first jars of airbrush paint or a professional browsing face paint supplies who wants to learn more about airbrushing, Silly Farm has you covered!

What Is Airbrush Face Painting?

Airbrush Face Painting

When it comes to face paint supplies, airbrushing has become one of the more popular techniques due to the ease of use as well as the magnificent results that airbrush paint provides. Airbrush face painting involves a stainless-steel gun and a hose that attach to an air compressor. The gun features a small cup that holds paint, which then sprays out through the gun in a fine mist and onto the skin.

Airbrush face painting is popular for a variety of reasons:

  • Airbrush paint is lightweight, which means it is a perfect choice for children who may be annoyed with more substantial types of face paint supplies.
  • Airbrush face painting is typically longer lasting than other paints.
  • Airbrush paint provides more even coverage than other application styles.
  • Many face painting supplies feature formulas with silicon or alcohol. Airbrush paint is typically made with water and is suitable for all skin types.

Airbrush Paint Colors

FAB Hybrid Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush paint is similar to traditional face paint in terms of colors. One of the best things about airbrush face painting is that you can purchase face paint supplies in fun and funky colors, such as these FAB Hybrid colors. Not only can you purchase face paint supplies to create exciting and unique designs for festivals and events, but you can also utilize airbrush face painting in your everyday life to apply makeup, including foundation, concealer, highlighter, and contouring.

Airbrush Face Paint Supplies

Airbrush Parts and Accessories

In addition to airbrush paint, there are a variety of other face paint supplies that you can purchase if you want to learn airbrush face painting. Airbrush guns and full airbrush paint systems come in a variety of styles and price points. The different prices are great for people who are on a budget who may want to experiment with airbrush face painting or artists who wish to open their own business.

Airbrush paint is excellent for applying stencils, and there are a variety of stencil styles that are made specifically for airbrush face painting. Shoppers can choose between everything from small, simple designs to large body pieces.

In addition to the fun supplies like airbrush paint and stencils, don’t forget to stock up on other parts and accessories as well. Cleaning supplies like solution and brushes, extra air compression tanks, extra air hose cords, and even an apron to keep yourself looking fresh are an essential part of airbrush face painting as a whole.

Silly Farm Supplies

Silly Farm Face Painting Supplies

Whether you’re shopping for your very first airbrush paint kit or you’re stocking up on face paint supplies for your business, Silly Farm has everything you could ever need and more! Shop our collection of face and body art supplies today and then check out our Pinterest boards for ideas and inspiration!