How to Rock Out With Face Paint Glitter

How to Rock Out with Face Paint Glitter

Creating face and body paint designs is a fun and exciting way to express your creativity. If you’re looking for a way to learn how to add even more oomph and interest to your designs, adding face paint glitter to your array of face paint supplies can be a perfect choice!

What Is the Best Face Paint Glitter?

When you’re shopping for face paint supplies, especially something such as face paint glitter, there are a few essential questions to ask yourself:

  • What kind of designs am I using this glitter on?
  • What size face paint glitter do I want?
  • What other face paint supplies will you need to complete your look?

Practically every design that you can think of would look great with a little bit of glitter. Butterflies? Glitter. Spiderman? Glitter. Pirate? Glitter. However, the design style that you’re creating will determine the type of face paint glitter that will work best.

Types of Face Paint Glitter

Face paint glitter comes in two main styles: loose glitter and gel glitter. Loose glitter is an excellent solution for adding glitter to tattoos, covering large areas, and for all types of face and body art. Loose face paint glitter may require additional face paint supplies to keep it in place, such as a brush or spatula to apply it. The types of glitter sold by Silly Farm are cosmetic and are safe to use around the eyes, lips, and on all skin types.

Gel is the other style of face paint glitter that is great for decorating your face and body designs! Gel glitter is a mix of aloe gel and various types of glitter that you can apply to your face, body, and hair to maximize your reflective potential.

Face paint glitter comes in a variety of sizes as well. While glitter that is finer is an excellent choice for delicate face designs, larger, chunkier glitter is perfect for body paint and more dramatic designs. Larger glitter is also a common choice for face paint designs that involve hair as well as for festivals.

Face Paint Supplies for Glitter

Glitter requires additional face paint supplies to achieve the best high-quality looks. If you’re looking to experiment with face paint glitter, here are some of our favorite face paint supplies we recommend checking out:

  • Pixie Paint Silicone Application Wand: This wand is a perfect choice for applying face paint gel- based glitter to more delicate designs. 
  • Ben Nye Glitter Glue: This glue will attach glitter for a solid hold — even during hot summer months when you’re trying to rock out at your favorite music festival! 
  • Glimmer Skin Glue: If you’re shopping for body and face paint supplies to create tattoos, you’ll love the long-lasting staying power of Glimmer Skin Glue. This glue has no latex and can last for up to seven days. 
  • ProFace Makeup Remover: When you’re done playing for the day, it’s essential to remove your face and body paint. ProFace Makeup Remover features an antioxidant vitamin formula that will protect your skin without blocking your pores. 

Whether you’re professional makeup artist shopping for face paint supplies or a cheerleader looking to conquer your competition, Silly Farm has everything you need to stand out in the crowd! Need help with getting started? Check out their array of video tutorials on YouTube!