Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained Indoors

Running out of ways to keep your kids busy while stuck inside? Gather the kids, or even the whole family, and have hours of fun with a single product. Silly Farm is your one-stop-shop for an unbelievable variety of face paint kits and art supplies.

How to Entertain Bored Kids at Home

Whether your kids are bored inside of the house or just looking for a new and fun activity, kids face painting will let your child fuel their creativity while burning their energy too. Set aside the coloring books and try kid’s face paint. It’s a fun and interactive way to keep your little ones amused.


Silly Farm has a wide range of themed face paint kits. Allow any child to transform into some of their favorite animals or characters with these silly kit collections:

  • Mermaid Silly Face Fun Rainbow Kit
  • Harley Jester Silly Face Fun Rainbow Kit
  • Crazy Clown Silly Face Fun Rainbow Kit
  • Tiger Kitty Silly Face Fun Character Kit
  • Witchy Zombie Silly Face Fun Character Kit

Indoor Fun for the Whole Family

If your family is stuck indoors and searching for a way to connect, look no further. Give the gift of quality family time by involving the whole family in kids’ face painting activities.

Parents, a face paint kit could unleash your inner artist as well. Not artsy? No worries - there are plenty of tutorials that will be sure to inspire you and your kid’s face painting dreams.

Feel free to get both artistic and competitive using your face paint kits with different activity ideas that get the whole family involved. Here are some game ideas to get you started:

  • Zoo Animal Showdown - Have parents face-off and take turns creating a different zoo animal. Let the kids vote who illustrated the animal best.
  • Paint The Rainbow - Let the kids take control and paint mom and dad’s faces trying to use every color of the rainbow from their face paint kit in their design.
  • “Paint-tionary” - Team up and pick an object or animal to draw while your teammate guesses. Time the act, and whoever guesses in the least amount of time wins that round!

Make family game night more interesting by adding this creative element and let your children come up with new game ideas too! 

Share Fun with Friends While Indoors

You don’t have to limit the fun to your household either - share the fun with friends over video chat. Have kids play some of the games mentioned above, or even just show off their designs, to their friends to give kid party feels while stuck inside.

These face paint kits are a great birthday or holiday gift too. With so many options, you can find a perfect kid’s face paint gift for any child’s interest- even some including glitter!

Face Painting Fun for Kids

Painting is more than just a fun activity - there are many benefits to this creative outlet. However, while you’re stuck in the house, a huge benefit is a new activity for your kids to get them out of their boredom and shake things up.

Silly Farm has a huge collection of face and body art supplies, so there is no shortage of possible activities!