Top Three Reasons to Try Airbrush Paint

You don’t need a birthday party or theme park to experience the joy of airbrush paint. Bring the party to you with an airbrush kit for face paint fun and bold body art. Our airbrush paint kits come with everything you need to get painting today.

Airbrushing is a fun way to create colorful designs for both kids and adults. These systems are an investment that you will use for years to come. Whether you’re hosting a kid’s birthday party or getting festival-ready, airbrush paint is a must-have.

Here are the top three reasons we think you need to try airbrush paint this summer:

  1. Easy application
  2. Long-lasting
  3. Unlimited designs

You don’t need to have a steady hand to airbrush paint like a pro. Airbrush face paint leaves a smooth, stroke-free finished piece of art on your face or body. Without skimping on coverage, this paint applies airy and breathable - you might even forget you have it on!

Easy-To-Use Airbrush

Airbrush paint is a unique technique for applying face paint, but that doesn’t mean it’s difficult. This tool makes application easy - drop your color into the tool’s mixer, and start creating. The mixer combines the paint with air, giving it a lightweight and flawless finish. 

The paint is easy for anyone to apply, especially with one of our airbrush kits. From the professional to the hobbyist, we have the right equipment for you.

Swap your paintbrush for airbrush and see how quickly you can create unique and intricate face and body art pieces. We have plenty of tutorials to help you get started.

Face Paint That Lasts All Day

Nobody likes the feeling of heavy, cakey face paint on a hot summer day. Airbrush paint is lightweight and comfortable for even the fussiest children. It can also last 12-14 hours!

Not only are the designs long-lasting, but the paint supplies are too! With only a few drops of paint needed, the airbrush combines paint and air, dispersing the product evenly. A little goes a long way when it comes to airbrushed face paint and body art.

Fun and Funky Airbrush Designs

Airbrush paint designs are unlimited and totally up to your imagination. You don’t need to be an art expert to create great designs. Set down the paintbrush and instead use your hands for a smoother application. By dispensing paint from the airbrush tool, you can create an intricate design in seconds.

We have an assortment of airbrush stencils that feature different designs, textures, patterns, and more. From outlines to full plans, these stencils are a great tool for any new or seasoned airbrush artist. For extra pizzazz, add glitter to your airbrushed art creations.

Whether you’re applying kids face paint or creating intricate body art, Silly Farms has the tools you need to succeed. With airbrush paint, you’ll be ready for any event.

Are you wondering what else you can do with your airbrush paint tools? If you’ve found your knack, you can even start your own business.

If you’re looking for more ways to get started, visit our page to learn more.