Spring-Themed Face Painting That Will Wow Party Guests

Spring Themed Face Painting

Whether it is for your kid or the child within you, you can give a one-of-a-kind party experience by treating your guests to the ultimate party favor – face painting. It is a safe and individualized art that you can do yourself using non-toxic body paint.  Your guests, both young and old, will enjoy the designing process and express their creativity in surprising ways.  For anyone that feels they lack creativity, you can use stencils to keep your party theme on point and have professional-looking designs on the faces of your amazed partygoers. Selfies, anyone? Your party will be trending on social!


Creative Face Paint Party Ideas

There is a fantastic array of face paint and body paint colors available from reputable retailers. It doesn’t matter if your party ranges in theme from a dramatic and theatrical adult mood to a princess party with glitter and ponies; face painting is an artistic gift that will be enjoyed and remembered long after the paint has faded away. It is a creative way of involving your guests in their own “costumes” for the occasion. A child becomes more courageous by choosing a lion or superhero, and an adult becomes more playful by choosing a unicorn or stars. It is an open invitation to be brave, different, and expressive, which is an exciting gift!


Shockingly Easy Face Painting Stencils

If drawing a butterfly freehand on the cheek of your neighbor’s wiggling child is not in your skillset, no need to call in a professional. On-theme stencils are easy to find, and this year’s spring picks will keep your artist skills looking sharp. A few spring artwork suggestions include:

All you need is a little paint and these stencils to create artwork for this season.


Body Paint Washes Away Easily

One great thing about water-based body paint is that it is non-toxic and safe for even young children's sensitive skin. To remove the paint, dish soap can be rubbed onto the painted areas and left for a few minutes before quickly wiping off with a washcloth or baby wipe. For a more thorough washing, dishwashing soap can be used in the shower, being mindful of keeping soap away from the eyes.

Though beautiful in artistic design, face paint and body paint are meant to be enjoyed for only a short time before washing it off the skin. It is a temporary means of artistic expression for kids and adults alike, making body paint a popular choice for parties.


How to Face Paint: It’s as Easy as One, Two, Three

  1. Pick your stencil design.
  2. Load a sponge with face paint.
  3. Place stencil as flat as possible to skin and tap paint onto stencil design.


You can repeat the design as many times as you want – it is just that easy! With all the work that goes into planning the perfect party, this creative touch will reap great rewards from little effort. Your artwork will be remembered long after the party comes to an end, and you might realize that you could let your inner artist out more often!