Why we LOVE face Painting

Why we LOVE Face Painting

If you don't know the background of how Silly Farm was born, let me catch you up. Silly Farm started in the kitchen of a clown named Mama Clown. She would perform shows and tell the kids that she lived on the Silly Farm. As her love for clowning and arts grew, so did the demand for her to travel to teach at clown conventions. Mama Clown found her niche in the world of face painting because she fell in love with the happiness that face painting created. Mama Clown enlisted the help of her enthusiastic niece Heather to help her travel and share the love of face painting. As her passion grew, so did her following and the demand for quality face painting supplies.

Mama Clown started Silly Farm supplies in the kitchen of her home. She made home made kit, packed them in colorful cases and drove around the country selling her kits at clown conventions . She soon became known as the Queen of Happy face painting. After college she sold Silly farm to her niece Heather and they began the next generation of Silly Farm. Heather loved face painting as much as Mama Clown and has built a face painting empire around it. Heather is an active face painter, which is why her love for new products, industry innovation and kids continues to grow. She gains her inspiration from first hand encounters of watching kids react in the "mirror moment", meeting single mothers and creative entrepreneurs who tell her that face painting changed their lives, and witnessing the amazing level of art being produced by the industry.

As little as 10 years ago, the selection of face paints and the level of face painting designs were very basic. You can now log onto Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram and be amazed at the variety of supplies and levels of creativity the face painting world has produced in such a short time. Although the most breathtaking art can be found in your Instagram newsfeed, its not the reason we love face painting.

Here are our to 4 reasons we LOVE face painting:

  • Unlike several other art forms, face painting produces immediate gratification. In a few short hours or even minutes you can transform your canvas into a living breathing work of art. With the popular trend of Unicorns and sparkles, a face painter can create magic with their brush and take a client to the world of fantasy.

  • Fun has no age limit! While face painting is most popular amongst kids 10 and under, face painting reminds us that there is no age limit on fun. Dad's can play Spiderman for an afternoon, moms can sparkle and shine at their birthday party or a Steven's Universe fan can rock out their inner Amethyst Cosplay and at the end of the day wipe it all off. Face painting is a great creative activity for any age, and because face painting is a colorful activity that means it also sparks joy. Color is linked to emotion and energy, and has the ability to transform someone's day.

  • It makes the party! 9 times out of 10 if there is face painting at your event, its going to be an awesome event. Face Painting makes for awesome pictures and memories, kids love it and it adds a lot of visual aesthetic to any event. Whether you are a 50 year old raiders fan adorned in Silver and Black or a 6 year old mermaid princess having face paint to match will take your event to the next level.

  • Variety is the spice of life. It's human nature to enjoy variety or to take advantage of whatever is new. Face painting designs are heavily influenced by current trends which means there's always something new, fun and exciting to create. Last year everyone wanted to be painted as a Unicorn, this year the new trend and challenge is how to face paint a cute Llama. As creative entrepreneurs, face painting allows us to challenge ourselves in the best way possible. new Spiderman movie, no problem, Christmas around the corner, no worries... the fact that every event and every child brings a new and unique experience is the main reason we love face paint!

Over the last 30 years, Silly Farm has been providing face painters and creative artists with a special place to shop, learn, and engage with other artists. It is our mission as a business to always provide our clients and friends with the best service and share our love of face painting. We do this by creating and sharing Youtube videos, booking and filming new classes for FABAtv, finding the latest and greatest products to help you improve your services and last but not least, by staying connected to you.

Face painting is more than a hobby for us, its a passion and we love it and our mission will always be to help you fall in love with this amazing art form too.

Happy Painting friends!