Face Painting Gifts for the Aspiring Painter

Do you have an aspiring face painter on your gift list? Silly Farm offers a wide range of face paint supplies for any arts and crafts lover, and this gift list will give you plenty of ideas.

Face painting has evolved over the years and doesn't just include a palette of primary colors and a brush anymore. Today's painters enjoy the diversity and creativity that comes with a more extensive range of tools, including:

  • Body Paint
  • Glitter
  • Face Paint Stencils
  • Airbrushing and Airbrush Stencils
  • Glitter Tattoos
  • Different Brush Styles

It can be challenging to find the perfect gift for your artist, check out our favorite face painting gifts that any aspiring face painter will love.

Custom Face Paint Kit Gifts for Aspiring Artists

One of the best gifts you can give an aspiring artist would be a face paint kit. Each kit offers a rainbow of colors to fit any face paint need. You can purchase face paint kits that come prefilled with colors based on need, or you can build your own. There are kits for every holiday or special characters like:

Your artist might enjoy our waterproof kits, perfect for the hot summer months when sweat and waterplay could smear traditional face paint. Encore’s Waterproof Slim Kit offers six bright colors to start a waterproof collection for the artist in your life.

Rainbow cakes are unique makeup palettes where the individual colors are stacked together to create a rainbow effect. Artists can blend the colors or use colors individually using a sponge or brush. You can choose a traditional rainbow palette or go with something in one color tone to create a trendy ombre effect.

Go all out with the Deluxe Rainbow Face Paint Kit that includes ten individual colors and two rainbow cakes, providing many options for different painting techniques. This kit is versatile and fun and includes stencils, sponges, and a brush.

Face Paint Stencils Gifts for the Beginner

Face paint stencils are an asset and time saver for new artists. Face paint stencils come in various patterns and details; you can find a stencil for any face painting need.

If your budding artist is just starting their face paint journey, Stencil Eyes might be perfect for them. Each stencil is made of 10mil mylar material making them easy to clean and built to last. They are intricate enough to create a detailed crown or a cute puppy while remaining easy to duplicate time after time.

One of the most popular and fun stencil kits is our Emoji Mash Up Kit by Lea Selley. This face paint stencil kit offers over 40 different elements that you can stack together to make the perfect face paint emoji.

If you are looking for more patterns and design details, we suggest the HAS Face Paint Stencils. These unique face paint stencils are a must for any face painting kit because they provide a way to add texture and small details to any face paint design.

You can go for specific face paint stencils that help the artist paint quick characteristics without needing to freehand. From butterflies to dragons, creating fantasy face painting pieces are easy and inexpensive with individual stencils. If you don’t want to handpick a bunch of face paint stencils, you can gift our Girls Pink Power Stencil Set or Boys Pink Power Stencil Set.

Airbrush Stencil Gifts for the Airbrush Artist

If you the face painter you know is interested in airbrushing, Silly Farm offers some great airbrush stencils. Airbrushing is an easy way to apply paint that is water-resistant, non-transferable, and quick to apply, primarily when you use airbrush stencils.

With our Henna Airbrush Stencils,your artists can capture the elegance of tattoos without the time required to freehand the intricate designs. With six different airbrush stencil design options, including finger tattoos, these Kim Brennan designed henna pieces will surely impress anyone.

If you want to help your aspiring artist get off on the right foot, the Silly Farm Exclusive Airbrush Tattoo Banner Set is the perfect gift. This kit comes with a retractable banner and 75 popular airbrush stencils to use repeatedly. Use each airbrush stencil to paint a magical creation on the body or face.

Body Paint Gifts for the Ambitious Artist

If your aspiring artist wants to branch out from traditional face painting, they could explore body painting. Body paint is used in various ways, including camouflage, character painting, UV painting, and belly painting. We cover some of our favorite body paints sure to be crowd-pleasers.

A memorable and unique body painting technique is belly painting. Our Belly Art Project Kit includes everything to paint beautiful body paint masterpieces on a pregnant woman’s belly, including paint, How-To guide, glitter, and brushes. This set also includes The Belly Art Project Book that will give your artist inspiration from over 100 belly paintings.

Neon or UV paint is a new body paint technique that adds vibrancy to the body. With six neon colors, the TAG Neon Palette is a perfect starter kit for neon body painting. You can enhance the neon body paint with our collection of neon glitter to glow and stand out. The body is a large canvas that you can in a short amount of time using our airbrush stencils and neon airbrush paints,

Accessories and Tool Gifts for the Seasoned Face Painter

Face paints and stencils are great gifts for any face painter, but an artist also needs different accessories and tools to organize, clean, and practice their painting. Why not consider gifting them some of our favorite items?

Our Complete Brush Set has 20 brushes in various sizes and shapes to create any face painting technique. With our Large Practice Board, they can work on their face painting and body painting. Our all-purpose Brush Bath is a water sanitizer, brush cleaner and makeup remover all in one. And for a little whimsy, gift them our Gecko Brush Holder, which will keep their brushes organized and clean while they are painting.

Face painting is such a creative way to share your artistic abilities with others. Children and adults love face and body paint, and with our suggestions of face painting gifts, you can help your budding artist start their face paint journey. You can also visit Silly Heather’s YouTube channel for instructional videos and see many of our favorite items in use.