Silly Face Fun Kits for Halloween Makeup

With Halloween right around the corner, you might be scrambling to find a last-minute costume. Ditch the costume store and try out our ultimate face painting kits. With DIY face paint, you can create unlimited characters with only a few supplies. Our face paints don't require any expertise, making them easy for anyone to create a Halloween makeup look!

Are you interested in seeing how DIY face paint could save you this Halloween? In this guide, you'll learn everything you need to know about our face paint kits for Halloween makeup, including what supplies you get, how to prep your face, and simple skills to help you get started.


Halloween Makeup Face Paint

Halloween is such a fun time for kids and adults to transform themselves. When it comes to Halloween makeup, we have so many character kits options to help you start. Check out our collection of Halloween makeup face paint kits. Here are some popular ideas, directly from our DIY face paint kits:  

  • Mermaid 
  • Crazy Clown
  • Witch
  • Sugar Skull
  • Vampire

Our design kits are flexible; you can create other looks in addition to the character you choose. Our Classic Silly Face Fun kit is a customer favorite

If you're looking for more ways to get into the Halloween spirit, we also have glitter stencils, like these Halloween bats, that are just as easy to apply. 


What Comes in a Face Paint Kit?

Our face paint kits are perfect for starters! If you're looking to go the DIY route with Halloween makeup, you don't need to be an artist to execute these designs. Depending on the type of DIY face paint kit you get, your kit may come with paint pads, brushes, sponges, stencils, and sometimes even glitter. Each face paint kit also includes a three-minute instructional DVD to help you get started. 

If you want to go above and beyond this Halloween, check out our Halloween goody boxes to treat, not trick, the children in your life. These boxes come with candy, pencils, small toys, and a paint postcard kit. Unlimited fun and celebration!


What Skills Do I Need to Get Started? 

One of the most significant parts about our face paint kits is you don't have to be a master artist to execute a Halloween makeup look. Our CEO, Silly Heather, creates many Youtube tutorials to help anyone, from beginners to experts, execute a. complete look. Silly Heather also uploads videos addressing face painting tips and tricks and how to start your own face painting business. Aside from our Silly Farm family, there are plenty of online resources to help teach face painting. Whether you're looking for simple executions or intricate artistry, this guide can help you master some Halloween makeup looks for this year's spooky season.


How to Prep Your Face for Paint

Before you get started on a DIY face paint creation, there are a few easy steps you will need to follow to prepare for face paint application. First, make sure the subject's face is clean with either a quick wash or wipe. Just like painting on a canvas, it's best to work with a clean surface. Before getting started, you will want to make sure you have all of your face paint tools and paint supplies laid out. If you are executing a look for the first time, be sure to check out online tutorials and practice on your face or a willing participant before beginning the final look. Check out our beginner's guide to face painting to learn how to prep and apply face paint, like any of our DIY face paint kits.

Once your face is cleaned and prepped, you will be on your way to creating Halloween makeup and other fun face paint designs. 


More Face Paint Tools

Our DIY face paint kits are an excellent introduction to the world of face and body paint. If you're enjoying face painting and want to expand your kit, here are some excellent face paint tools that you'll want to add to your face and body paint supply:  

Some face and body paint supplies, like airbrush tools, can be expensive. However, you don't have to break the bank to stock up on face painting supplies - check out what we have in our blowout sale. If you're looking for a guide to get started, check out our essential supplies for DIY face painting. 


Halloween Face Painting Party

Now that you have all of the knowledge and tools to get started, why not change up your Halloween tradition this year and add face painting to the fun. Roundup a few adults and turn a kids' Halloween event into one they'll remember for years to come. Here are just a few Halloween face painting ideas that are small enough to create for a crowd but still festive and spooky:

  • Pumpkin
  • Spider
  • Skeleton
  • Scarecrow

Check out our Halloween Trendy Tribal Stencil pack that includes tons of designs for kids to choose from. These stencils make creating fun designs a breeze.  


Keep the Fun Going with Silly Farm

Our DIY face paint kits are fun for kids and adults. You don't have only to break out your face paints during Halloween either - these paints will work for so many other types of events and occasions such as birthday parties, graduations, or fundraisers.   

With the holiday season around the corner, these DIY face paints make excellent stocking stuffers and gifts as well. With these face paints in your art supply stock, Christmas afternoon at home with the family can now be spent in fun, themed face paints and stencils! The creative opportunities are abundant!