Top 10 Products for Valentine’s Day

Top 10 Products for Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is a time where we can all feel the love in the air. If your one true love is art, it’s an excellent time to get creative with glitter, face paint, and out-of-the-box looks. Take your love day to the next level with our top 10 products for Valentine’s Day.


Heart stencils can be a fun and festive way to show your Valentine’s Day spirit. Making a face paint heart can be tricky without some help. Fear not, we have a collection of stencils that will assist you. 

  1. Heart Sphere Airbrush and Face Paint Stencil: This heart stencil is perfect for anyone who wants to add a little Valentine’s pizazz to their face. It’s covered in hearts of varying sizes. The sphere design aims to make the hearts shrink towards the middle, leaving the perfect amount of space to add a gem in the middle if that’s your style. You can use this heart stencil with airbrush paint, sponges, or brushes.


  1. Heart Wings Stencil: The Heart Wings Pink Power Stencil is an adorable addition to any Valentine’s Day look. You can use it to create a face paint heart accompanied by angel wings. Cupid would love to use this heart stencil!


  1. Jewel Heart Storm Face Paint Stencil: The heart storm stencil has many different designs in one, including hearts of various sizes, a jeweled heart, and gorgeous stars. This stencil is fantastic for creating face paint hearts and a mystical Valentine’s Day design.


  1. Sweet Heart Eye Stencil: The sweetheart stencil comes in two colorful designs. The cute heart pattern makes it perfect for the holiday for love. It comes in two separate pieces, which makes it easier to maneuver around the face.

Note: You can clean your stencils by wiping them down with alcohol or soap.


Paint and Glitter

Using face paint and glitter can make anyone feel a little extra snazzy. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to bring out some cute colors and express yourself. Check out some of our favorite paints and glitters for creating a lovely look.

  1. FAB 6-color Follow Your Heart Palette This palette comes with six water-based face paints in shades of pink, red, and purple, making them the perfect fit for face paint heart These paints make for a beautiful Valentine’s Day color scheme.


  1. Candy Heart Rainbow Cake Rainbow Cakes are the most popular product for face and body painting. They are perfect for creating a base for any design and allow you to use several colors at once. You can use a flat brush or a sponge to apply the pink, white, and purple of this Rainbow Cake.


  1. Mama Clown Glitter: Glitter adds more fun to any situation. The Mama Clown glitters in Rose Pink and Royal Red would be great colors for Valentine’s Day face art. It can be used on the lips, eyes, cheeks, or for glitter tattoos. To use it, you can dip a brush or your finger and apply it to damp paint. If you want a little extra shimmer, you can add a little bit of Vaseline where you want to apply the glitter before you apply it. We love it for adding extra glam to face paint hearts.


Other Essentials for Valentine’s Day

Here are some other items that can elevate your holiday. These products would make great gifts that anyone would love to receive.

  1. Paint Pal Swirls Brush Collection: This cute brush set is perfect for applying face paint. It comes in a lovely pink color and includes five brushes of different sizes. Dip the brushes in water and lather on your make up to use them.


  1. Hand Sanitizer Gift Set: Looking for a Valentine’s gift that’s perfect for anyone? The Handy Sani gift set comes with a gel and a spray hand sanitizer. The hand sanitizer is aloe-based and free of harsh chemicals. To carry the sanitizer, you can choose a colorful metal clip or a silicone heart keychain.


  1. Henna Heart Tattoo: The henna heart tattoo set comes with five small temporary tattoos. It is gold with a unique design in the center of the heart. Get the set of five for only $1.25.

We hope these ten products can inspire you to add some creativity and color to your Valentine's Day.