Festive Face Paint for St. Patrick's Day

Festival Face Paint for St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner, and you don't want to get left behind in leprechaun dust. Instead of painting the town green this St. Patrick's Day, why not try out our face and body paints instead! 

The perfect time to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with face and body paint is now. Face painting is a fun, safe indoor activity for both kids and adults. This year, you can skip the leprechaun costume and save time rummaging in your closet for Kelly green. In this St. Patrick’s Day Face Paint guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about face painting and body painting.

St. Patrick’s Day Face Paint Inspiration

With the holidays behind us, it's time to focus on the fun of spring festivities, starting with St. Patrick's Day! This Irish holiday tradition is celebrated in many different ways but with one common theme: the color green. You don't have to get pinched for not wearing green this St. Patrick's Day; instead, adorn a unique and creative themed St. Patrick's Day face paint design. Draw inspiration from these everyday items for your face paint creations:

If you want to go all out for St. Patrick's Day, you can create a sea of green with face and body paint. St. Patrick’s Day face paint can be as easy as creating a simple, green design, but we encourage you to unleash your inner artist with festive creations. Before you start creating, let’s learn about the proper way to apply face paint for a clean, long-lasting design.

St. Patrick’s Day Face Paint Products

With face and body paint, you can dream up and create endless amounts of creations. For St. Patrick's Day, we have a variety of kits that will not only inspire but help get you started. Check out our top three St. Patrick’s Day face paint products:

Getting Started with Face Paint Supplies

Face paint is an excellent, creative activity for any age group. Whether it's St Patrick's Day, Valentine's Day, or any other holiday or celebration, you can undoubtedly include face paint activities. Face paint is the obvious must-have for this activity, but you might want to have other supplies on hand. From flawless designs to intricate art, you can create a one-of-a-kind look with face and body paint designs, using the right supplies.

To get started with face paint, try incorporating these face paint products in conjunction with your paints:

These supplies will help elevate your face and body paint designs by adding a little extra pizazz. Our silly face paint kits and brush sets are a great way to bulk up your face painting supply while keeping costs low. Stay tuned to see how you can use these supplies to create a day full of fun and celebration for kids on St. Patrick's Day.

St. Patrick's Day Face Paint Fun for Kids

St. Patrick’s Day Face Paint is an excellent, kid-friendly activity to celebrate this spring festivity. Besides creating face art, you can also use your face paints for family-friendly activities and games. Try adding these festive, themed games to your next  St. Patrick's Day celebration. One face paint activity is to have a parent painting face-off. To start, create a line down the center of a child's face to create the same design. Let kids vote to see who the better artist was.

Another family-friendly activity uses body paint to create a rainbow. With a small group of friends and family, you can designate one color for each person in order to create the perfect rainbow when grouped. To take this to the next level, have two people dedicated to being pots of gold at each end.

These face paint activities are a great way to keep kids entertained and safe indoors, and you can even come up with new ways to stay busy with paint. Check out more indoor activities to entertain the whole family with face paint. 

Swap Costumes for Body Paint

To take your designs to the next level, let’s learn how you can use body paint to get St. Patrick’s Day ready. You can save time and money shopping for a costume for St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, and any other celebration. This St. Patrick’s Day, ditch your green ensemble or costume and try body paint. Body paint is an easy and affordable option to deck yourself out completely. Just like face painting, the possibilities for body paint designs and creations are endless.

You can paint the town green, rainbow, and everything in between with these body paints for St. Patrick's Day:

With body paint and a little creativity, you can completely transform into a St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun. Add some red-colored hairspray or an inexpensive wig to complete your transformation in becoming the face of St. Patrick's Day: a leprechaun. As a body-painted leprechaun character, you will indeed become the center of your St. Patrick's Day celebration. 

If you are just getting started, follow our YouTube channel to see Silly Heather tutorials of the face and body paint designs or learn more from our beginner’s guide to face painting.

St. Patrick’s Day face paint is just one way to embrace this creative hobby. With the largest supply of face and body paints, Silly Farm has all of the face paint supplies you will need to get started.